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Released 2020 – Manufactured Australia – Good Design Award Winner!

Sakuru, an inspirational design, co created by Haworth and Gavin Harris,  will continue its purpose over many life times. Allowing change to happen with little waste of material or need for extra components making it incredibly easy for businesses to adapt in an ever changing world and work place requirements.

Sakuru, a ‘PLATFORM’ that can support individual, group, linear, radiating, meeting and collaborative work-styles and the ability to change from one to the other.

Sakuru, a comprehensive collaborative platform, allowing businesses to cater to single team work or multiple teams working side by side or allowing presentation space to be created when they are needed.

Created using four elements – bollard, service rail, work tops and screens – Sakuru is a study ridged form – Electric height adjustments from 620 to 1200mm.

Clear under desk zone provides no barriers at the workpoint. The service rail allows for fast cable installation.

Installation of services to Sakuru tabletops is simple, fast and flexibile. Power and data are fully Integrated and part of Sakuru’s DNA

Control actuators allow for single control to each workpoint but can also be synchronised  for team meetings or workshops.

Sakuru is the result of a 3-year collaborative journey with Australian designer, Gavin Harris, to design an entire floor plate with a focus on flexibility, adaptability and sustainability. The workstation and table platform solves the constantly-evolving demands of workplace floorplans through its “kit of parts” philosophy.

“We wanted to create a simple ‘platform’ to build all modern office’s major work-settings from the same structural components,” explains Mr Harris. “We envisioned it would support individual, group, linear, radiating, meeting and collaborative workstyles using one kit of parts while delivering easily retrofitted and cost-effective height-adjustability for greater employee wellbeing.”

To fulfill Sakuru’s promise of environmental and financial sustainability, Haworth looked to local manufacturing. “Designed in Australia using locally-sourced materials and Australian manufacturing capabilities, Sakuru represents the very best of what this country has to offer,” says Mr Cvetkovic.

About Haworth

Haworth Australia has been servicing the Australian commercial furniture industry since 1996. A member of the Haworth Inc group of companies that have been operating in North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Founded in 1948, Haworth remains family-owned and privately-held serving markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 650 dealers and 7,500 employees.

Haworth designs and manufactures product solutions that help corporations create inspiring spaces. The breadth and strength of its portfolio form the foundation for creating an Organic Workspace that keeps businesses nimble and making the most of their investment.

The company invests in research, design, and acquisitions that expand its portfolio and network to meet changing market dynamics. Haworth aligns its strategies to ensure it delivers the workplace knowledge, innovation, design, and global expertise required to enable its customers’ success.


May 2020 Haworth Australia has officially received the “Australian Made” license and registration for its Sakuru product range— one of the first major global office furniture manufacturers to do so. The achievement demonstrates Haworth Australia’s commitment to local design, local workplace needs, and the expectations of social responsibilities of corporations.


Early in 2021,  SAKURU wins the prestigious Good Design award.








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