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Hot Box 1

From the designers, Jamie Rothwell and Rachel Forster.

Hotbox 1 is the perfect storage box for keeping items neat and tidy in the office and home. The soft-grip handle makes it easy to carry, and the bright colours add punch to any workspace.

Manage all your work tools in one smart storage box

Declare victory over desktop mess with a large compartment for notebooks and tablets and three front sections to organise smaller items and will fit into all standard Office Lockers.

Height: 190mm
Width: 312mm
Depth: 182mm
Weight: 0.91kg

Keep everything neat and tidy in the roomy storage box Hotbox 1

Use the spacious Hotbox 1 portable storage box to keep your desktop perfectly organised wherever you’re working. Pack all your items – notebook, tablet, pens and pads – in your Hotbox and stow them neatly away in a locker when you’re hot desking or a cupboard when you’re agile working at home. Hotbox 1 is ideal for keeping work tools together and transporting them safely.

Whether you’re dashing from a meeting to your office or clearing your dining room table, just pick it up and start working again. The fully recyclable Hotbox 1 comes in lots of vibrant colours, making it easy to fit in with your home décor or add a splash of brightness to a hot desk. Or pick a new grey eco-friendly Hotbox 1 – it’s made from recycled polypropylene (PP). All our Hotbox 1s come in smart, eco-friendly packaging.

Hotbox 1 is made from polypropylene, which is fully recyclable at the end of use. The grey eco-friendly Hotbox 1 is made from recycled polypropylene (PP). We are continually researching new materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure we create more of our products from recycled materials, helping us to achieve a more sustainable future.

Tip. Don’t waste the cardboard box your Hotbox 1 came in. Create a ‘garage’ to park it in your locker or cupboard.



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