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Haworth Analytics – Co Worker

Haworth Analytics is a combination of gathering qualitative and quantitative data through employee engagements and Insights respectively. This allows a balanced and in depth analysis together with an improved understanding of data collected leading to better recommendations made.
Workplace occupancy data is collected via WorkSensors which measure environmental data, body temperature (and the difference between it and the ambient temperature) and vibration to detect human presence on chairs, tables, and soft seating.
Data is constantly collected and processed using a number of intelligent algorithms over the raw data to accurately reflect the reality of occupancy information. This provides a high level of accuracy in the data reported over manual occupancy surveys.
The web based application can be accessed easily without the need to install any special software.
Our customers have ongoing 24/7 data access to the data via our user friendly app for the entire duration of the study.
Granular information on the utilization of workstations (also per department/team), meeting spaces (enclosed or open).
Unique to the industry – in addition to the occupancy measurement for workstations and hard working surfaces, Haworth analytics also provides detailed information regarding other social collaborative areas (such as pantries, social corners etc) . In this way, the entire floorplate occupancy and employee preference across all settings can be tracked and measured.
Unique to the industry – our WorkSensors tagging features allow for the data to be collected and later anlaysed by WorkSensor type, WorkSensor location on the floor/building, WorkSensor allocation to a team/business unit but also it allows for data collection and analysis of other environmental elements such as WorkSensor proximity to powerplugs, daylights access, proximity to corridors, cafeterias, etc. This allows for a much deeper and meaningful data interpretation at reporting time.
Bespoke reporting – based on the data collected (quantitative and qualitative), our team will prepare bespoke reporting, tailor made to the specific needs of your organization. Appendix 2 includes some examples of previous tailor-made reports for other customers.
Real estate cost reduction through subsequent changes and optimization of space based on the collected data
Increased employee productivity through responding to their work patterns and work setting preferences (eg when facility management adjusts the work settings and creates more of the preferred spaces)




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