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BuzziWrap Desk and BuzziWrap FrontDesk are acoustic panels that attach easily to any desks.

BuzziWrap Desk
BuzziWrap Desk is a shield for noise and visual distractions. As it wraps around your desk, it converts a plain worktop into a cocoon while hiding the typical cable clutter on the backside of your table.

It’s easy to install, and thanks to its various sizes and x positions, it can be attached to almost any existing desks. In combination with the colourful pallette of BuzziFelt, it will quietly brighten up your day.

BuzziWrap FrontDesk
Focus areas are not limited to privacy booths and soundproof rooms. They come in many shapes and sizes. BuzziWrap FrontDesk is proof of that. With its large front, it converts a regular desk into a more private workstation, shielding out noise and distractions, to allow for uninterrupted focus, while concealing the cable cord clutter, which typically hangs off the rear of a desk. Easily attach it to almost any desk and choose among all the vibrant BuzziFelt colours to brighten up your workspace.



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